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The ultimate plagiarism removal software that you can rely upon. A consistent arrangement that recognizes and ensures against plagiarism - for Content Rewriting, proof-reading services, Research paper editing / Rewriting, Journals article editing / Rewriting.

We help all of the individuals who are in require of specialists direction and plagiarism removal help. Our group begins working on the task in accordance with the dates of cutting edge got by the clients. After the culmination of the task, the client is told and the undertaking is conveyed after the full installment with a real plagiarism removal report.

We have an industrious group of scholastic authors and PhD advisors, who have long stretches of involvement with giving exploration help and guide the understudies towards progress. We work thoroughly to check the content & lead serious instructional courses for the essayists and editors to follow a utilitarian framework at work, which can be one of the significant motivations to choose our Plagiarism Removal Service for Dissertation.


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Tools We Use

Among the many Plagiarism checking tools on the web, the Universities do not figure on all of them. It is difficult for the understudies to pick among the alternatives and much harder to have confidence in those tools. With a lot of intense analysts and their recommendation, we utilize a couple of plagiarism checking tools and ensure that your paper has really unique thoughts. The tools that we use are:


Turnitin checks submitted records to distinguish copied content from the current sources. The tool checks for unimaginative content, which is neither referred to and nor cited in the examination papers.


Urkund offers a full-scale text acknowledgment framework to recognize and forestall Plagiarism. The tool looks through the archives on the web and scholastically distributed or submitted content. The outcomes are introduced completely for the researcher to think about the comparative composed content.


DrillBit has been the sought after solution across all the leading institutions in India.. It gets every vital content checked for plagiarism across a plethora of data available online ensuring content authenticity.


Frequently Asking Questions

Plagiarism can be termed as copying someone else's work and pretending that it is your own. Plagiarism is generally an offence under the Academic context in terms of Assignments or essays that students generally submit to their schools or colleges or universities
No, it is not about how much is copied, it is still a plagiarism even if a small text is been copied from the source.
Yes. Plagiarism is not just limited to copying words it also includes copying someone else ideas. So in simple terms, if you have copied the data from some source and changed it into your wordings (called as 'paraphrasing'), it is still plagiarism
There are many benefits from Authors Guru, Plagiarism Removal, Plagiarism checking along with the grammatical errors also be checked and rectified to havePlagiarism and error free content.
We use Turnitin, Urkund and DrillBit
We disable auto save in the plagiarism tool hence the document will not be saved in the database.
Yes, we do check citation and proof-reading
Original document in docx format and Plagiarism and grammar report

Why should you trust Authors Guru

While these administrations will not compose your quarterly report or factious article for you, they can clean them and make them simpler to peruse by our best proof-reading services, which is all any of us can truly request. Here are the characteristics we think matter the most in a Grammar checker:

We will keep your files secure

We realize how hard you have attempted to compose your original copy, so security and secrecy are constantly guaranteed. We will never make a claim on your copyright, and we keep all close to privacy. We can work with most significant word-handling document types, and the transferring and downloading measures are consistently protected and safely scrambled.

We have experienced editors

Our editors, a considerable lot of whom are pioneers in their picked fields, have years of involvement altering and editing contents. Our editors require mastery of the English language that far surpasses straightforward local English capability. By applying their broad information and explicit ranges of abilities, our editors can assist you with improving as an author.

Customer satisfaction

Customer loyalty is our first concern, and scholastics from around the globe are content with our administrations. Our quality affirmation team will investigate it to ensure thorough quality guidelines. Our quality confirmation measure guarantees excellent altering without fail.


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Plagiarism Removal Pricing Excluding GST 18%

Similarity percentage INR Price per page PhD & PG/UG Research Article
11 - 20% 60 2000
21 - 30% 70 2500
31-40% 80 3000
41 - 50% 90 3500
51 - 60% 100 4000
61 - 70% 110 4500
71 - 80% 130 5000
81 - 90% 140 5500
91 - 100% 160 6000

Plagiarism Checking Price Excluding GST 18%

Pages Price
Up to 20 pages 300
21 to 100 pages 400
101 to 200 pages 500
201 to 400 pages 600

Grammar Checking Price Excluding GST 18%

Pages Price
Up to 20 pages 50
21 to 100 pages 100
101 to 200 pages 200
201 to 400 pages 300

Plagiarism Removal Pricing Excluding GST 18%

Similarity percentage INR Price per page PhD & PG/UG Research Article $
11 - 20% $ 1 $ 25
21 - 30% $ 1.5 $ 35
31-40% $ 2 $ 45
41 - 50% $ 2.5 $ 55
51 - 60% $ 3 $ 65
61 - 70% $ 3.5 $ 75
71 - 80% $ 4 $ 85
81 - 90% $ 4.5 $ 95
91 - 100% $ 5 $ 100

Plagiarism Checking Price Excluding GST 18%

Pages Price $
Up to 20 pages $ 4
21 to 100 pages $ 6
101 to 200 pages $ 8
201 to 400 pages $ 10

Grammar Checking Price Excluding GST 18%

Pages Price $
Up to 20 pages $ 1
21 to 100 pages $ 2
101 to 200 pages $ 3
201 to 400 pages $ 4


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Authors Guru

The world of plagiarism and its allies

What is Plagiarism?

The sole meaning of Plagiarism is somebody utilizing someone else's substance without referring to the name of the actual author. While the demonstration of taking another person's work or thought as your own is a moral offense, the genuine inquiry is that where is your voice in the work?

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How to avoid Plagiarism?

The simplest method to keep away from Plagiarism is to pick between our Plagiarism Removal Service for Dissertation or pre-owned references or rework it with your own agreement. The essayist must know the Plagiarism rate permitted by the University to utilize other's work.

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Plagiarism Removal

A plagiarism removal administration becomes basic when you have utilized a few references, or are examining a prior examination work. We offer various types of assistance for composing unique research papers to check for plagiarism in exposition composed by you.

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